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    Gwendal Prono (b. 1981, Vannes, Fr) works with a broad range of media – including Graphic design, sound, video, architecture, installation and performance since 2005. His longtime work with intermedia continues to explore an array of issues ranging from memory and image/sound interactivity. Exhibitions of his work have been presented at Gallery and worldwide's artcenter.



   Born November 10, 1981, in Vannes, Brittany. Grows up in Vannes, soccer and athletism. Between 1997-2001, he studied Technology and Electronics Engineering during High School.



   Moves to Rennes and study Design, Architecture, Graphic Design at L.I.S.A.A. Institution.

   In 2002 moves to University Rennes 2 where He study Anthropology Music, Cinéma and Visual art. During University, He has training Period in Photos Laboratory.



   Creates his first experiments with sound in relation to the image with video through Rennes2 University.



   Does a Mediator Training Period, updating archives and library and initiation in Art practice for Children. Becomes Gilles Bruni’s assistant. (Gilles Bruni is a visual, he works with natural element to create ephemeral Landart) at Kerguéhennec’s Art Center, Bignan, France.



   Moves to Pologne for Wakacyjne Kadry Film Festival and meet Lech Majewski and help him to change his vision on movie and his work. Stage-manager Training period in Silesian Castle of art and enterprise, Cieszyn, Poland. His role was to develop relations between art, design and economics to create and build exhibitions with a contemporary vision on art and design.



    Presents Rê/ve, video on Human psyche at K-Barre Festival, (Festival of student creation by Scèn'Art association, Rennes 2 University, France).



   Recieves high honnors with his Art Master at Rennes2 University.

   Group exhibition, Composite, Colombier Cultural Centre (Rennes, France), Presents for the first time Video installation Memory.



   First Solo Exhibition about his artistic work between 2005-2010at Le Dôme (St Avé).

   Solo Exhibition, a retrospective between 2005-2011 at Absidial Gallery (Plaudren, France).



   Presents for the first time video Rouge. Mouvance Exhibition, Gallery Mica (Rennes, France).

   November 2012-January 2013, Presents video Sans Titre# 5 to Psychedelic exhibition, Absidial gallery (Plaudren, France).



   Works like employee of Life in Primary School and professor art to workshop in primary School and also Substitute art-professor in High School.



   Training to Teach in secondary school. Presents work shop about art and new technology at High school (Vannes, Brittany France). Works like Graphic Designer to La Mouette, Printing house (at St Nolff), Graphic Designer, video editing to Pink Yogurt Group and Yeti Productions at Rennes.

   Creates Advertisement for 60 years of Lann-Bihoué Bagad.



   Creates 2 album's for traditional Breton group Penn-Bihan between 2011 and 2013.



   Moves to New-Zealand (17 month),

   Does Work shop about social network today with new technology in your everyday life at Riverside Community in New zealand.

   Moves to French polynesia in July 2014 (8 month) to be Art Professor at Les ateliers du Lotus, (Papeete, Tahiti Island).



   Back to New zealand,

   Moves to Australia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Georgia, Arménia, Turkey and Japan.

   Starts to write his own travel book (dairy) around the planet.



   Has his ownDesigner Business freelance around the world,

   Create his Kids book and own Animation story book.

   Travel around the world.







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