All art works between 2005-2018

 Sans titre

Video, 2 minutes, color/Sound, 2011.


   Experimental works of surimposition images and sound. Realises souvenirs of person from past which print activities of today. Two generations of pictures. Memory of an other time which works fast to compare with world.


Video, 1 minute, color/Sound, 2005.


   Rê/ve is an experimental animation where uses all forms of animation, draw, picture to create a psychedelic dream, A flicker.

   When  remember dream, souvenirs. it becomes fragments. Dream is not complete.

 Marcher sans but

Video, 2 minutes, color/Sound, 2007.


   Video shows this small gesture of the daily. Walk, walk to get from one place to another, walk to observed the sky. A way to pay tribute to this unconscious gesture of everyday life. It allows to spoiling our determination, our approach. His actions take place of urban land without a specific purpose.


Video Installation,

11 minutes,

color/Sound, 2008.


   Memory is a collage of idea, more than only pictures and sound. Tells stories. Reveals and creates souvenirs, fictions with picture from past (advertissement, film, ...).

   A experimental and physical projection for eyes. A language where film becomes a mind box open like a mouth. You see everything ang nothing too.

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